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Bank of Beirut is the pioneer in Funds management, having launched its first Fund in the year 2000. Our performance to date has placed Bank of Beirut in the forefront of Fund Management servicing in both Lebanon and the region. We offer a wide range of open and close-ended Funds denominated in both U.S. Dollar and Lebanese Pounds, with a current portfolio of approximately USD 400 million under management.

Asset Management is at the very heart of Bank of Beirut's service and know-how. As one of the region's leading Fund Managers, the Bank's potential investments are risk-adverse selected, ranging from Funds to Structured products. Our team operates by fundamentally focusing on investments with a clear vision for out-performance to be achieved in the long-run. We have the capability of providing tailor-made and innovative investment solutions which seek to deliver consistent performance in a moderately risk growth environment while at the same time ensuring long term capital appreciation with a steady stream of dividend distribution.

Bank of Beirut Asset Management division brings together a number of complementary approaches including:
  • An optimal investment strategy which constitutes one of our long-term clientele's main asset preservation and investment performance vectors.
  • A wide scope of diversified portfolios which respond to our customers' various needs.
  • A strong professional Management team with a clear defined vision.

In October 2011, two funds managed by Bank of Beirut were listed on Zawya - funds monitor as the best performing funds over three years.
In a review comparing the returns over three years of 129 Fixed Income Funds in the MENA region - Permanently listed by Zawya monitor - Bank of Beirut's "Beirut Preferred Fund" and "International Mix Fund" came out on top by scoring the best results. This recognition allows Bank of Beirut to continue its march towards remarkable performances as a Leader in Funds Management. As a matter of fact, Bank of Beirut has been consistently in the lead in Funds Management since the year 2000. In 2008, the best four performing Fixed Income Funds in the MENA region were Bank of Beirut's funds. This acknowledgement was published in May 2009's issue of "Forbes Arabia" magazine pursuant to the classification conducted with Zawya Fund's Monitor.
For further information, please contact us on: 961 1 960550
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