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Bank Profile
Bank Profile
Banking Beyond Borders is our slogan… it has pushed us beyond many limits; it has made us go farther and further.

Banking Beyond Borders has helped us travel to foreign countries and settle in almost all the continents. We extended our commercial banking services to a number of countries through different subsidiaries regulated by the Financial Services Authorities “FSA” for the wholly owned, Bank of Beirut (U.K.) Ltd and the Germany branch in Frankfurt; regulated by the Central Bank of Cyprus for the Limassol branch; and by the Central bank of Oman for the 4 branches in Muscat, Ghubra , Sohar and The Walk. Bank of Beirut also boasts its representative office in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai) to service the Gulf region; a representative office in Nigeria and Ghana. We have even reached the Land Down Under with Bank of Sydney and its 16-branch network.

Banking Beyond Borders has led us to stretch our days. Bank of Beirut was the first in Lebanon to provide services until 10 p.m. 7/7 including Sundays and holidays.

Banking Beyond Borders has even erased the limits of our material world and made it blend within the virtual one through on-line services and the next generation of Automated Teller Machines with instant Cash and Check Deposit Machines (CCDM) offering customers the most flexible universal banking access.

Banking Beyond Borders has made us become the providers of efficient banking services and competitive products targeting mainly affluent individuals and SMEs, selective sizeable capital investment projects and local “prime” corporations. It has also launched us as an advanced insurance consulting and broking/brokerage company “Beirut Broker Company s.a.r.l.”

Banking Beyond Borders also means being second to none or among the best in more than one field. Bank of Beirut was the first bank in Lebanon to launch asset management services targeting high net-worth customers in both domestic and regional markets. Furthermore, it has landed “Best CSR Initiative” with its Young Achievers Program (YAP). Bank of Beirut is acknowledged in the important list of the “Fast Movers” banks in the world and has become, in Lebanon, the leading provider of cash management services to commercial clients. In order to maintain an excellent transparent profile and be compliant with banking rules and standards of ethics, the Bank has adhered to the policy “Know Your Customer.”

Banking Beyond Borders is venturing into new fields, crossing the university thresholds to offer the youth the best opportunities that can be provided.

Banking Beyond Borders has brought assistance to the less privileged through our dedication to the society we live in. The Bank opened its wings to encompass Caritas, various support programs, educational loans, credit facilities…

We, at Bank of Beirut, understand that this is only the beginning since our mission goes Beyond Borders.
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Bank of Beirut – List of Bank: 75 | Online banking services licensed by virtue of BDL letter number 11/629 dated October 2, 2008.
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