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Demand Draft
Demand Draft

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Request the online issuance of a Banker’s Cheque through Bank of Beirut’s Online Banking Platform to the beneficiary of your choice, and specify both the recipient and the desired pickup branch as follows:
    1- Log in to the Business Banking platform
      2- Ask for a Banker’s Cheque
      • Insert Beneficiary’s name
      • Add amount
      • Choose Bank of Beirut Branch
        3- Collect the cheque or notify beneficiary that it is ready for collection from the chosen branch


        Faster processing and cost saving

        Issuance of cheques in local and major foreign currencies
        Real-time delivery of cheques
        Ability to issue Demand Drafts in either Arabic or English
        Universal payment instrument
        Beneficiary information may be saved and modified on the Online Banking Platform
        Settlement of government payments to a list of predefined beneficiaries (customs / NSSF / etc.)

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