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Smart Branches


 Address  Kfardebian Main Street, facing municipality, Mehanna bldg.
 Tel 961 1 906754


 Address  Bank of Beirut s.a.l. Bldg.
 Tel 961 1 958720


 Address  Hamra, Clemenceau Street, Gefinor Center, Block A, Ground Floor
 Tel 961 1 958738 | 39 | 40



 Address  Tannourine Governmental Hospital, Tannourine Al Tahta
 Tel 961 1 907056 | 57


Notre Dame de Secours

 Address  Notre Dame de Secours hospital, Jbeil
 Tel 961 1 906730

Visit Bank of Beirut’s “B Smart” branches, and enjoy a redefined banking experience and unique features, presented through state-of-the-art technologies and convenient services, such as account opening and instant debit card delivery, among others.

  • Account opening and loan applications via Video Conference
  • Customer Support service via Video Conference
  • 24/7 access to banking facility
  • Lower transaction costs / Free of charge transactions
  • B-Smart Staff support
  • Instant delivery and activation of debit card
  • Access to all ATM operations (e.g.: cash withdrawal / deposit, transfers, payments, etc.)
  • Online and mobile Banking accesses via the installed pad devices

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