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Corporate Treasury
Corporate Treasury
This department is operative from 6:30 a.m. till 11:00 p.m. (Beirut local time), Monday through Friday; with ongoing presence on Saturday and Sunday till 1:00 p.m. by offering the following services:

Fixed Income Products

Bank of Beirut continues to play a key role in the marketplace by making available an extensive choice of fixed income and structured financial instruments to local, regional and international markets. These range from interest-related instruments, to a large variety of Bonds traded in the emerging markets, Corporate Bonds, Treasury Bills, Certificates of Deposit and Preferred Shares, along with other fixed-income instruments. The Bank is currently widely recognized for its know-how in both the primary and secondary markets. On a number of occasions Bank of Beirut acted as Lead or Co-lead Manager in issuances of Republic of Lebanon Sovereign Eurobonds. Additionally, the Bank successfully issued and continues to issue Common or Preferred Shares in an effort to enhance its equity and related regulatory/prudential ratios.

Treasury and Forex Services

The Corporate Treasury offers a vast range of services in foreign exchange and treasury tailor-made to meet our customers' specific requirements and objectives. With access to virtually all investment vehicles in Forex and Bonds Trading encompassing major financial centers, our highly competitive team of professionals provides guidance in an effort that objectives are achieved. Additionally, and based on an extensive network of correspondent banks, we serve a large and growing number of financial institutions customers, with a key presence locally, regionally and internationally, the latter positions Bank of Beirut in a privileged spot allowing it to attend to the requirements of financial institutions and brokerage firms in order to fulfill their sophisticated needs in terms of financial markets instruments.


Bank of Beirut participated in the following:

Participant: Jordan Phosphate Mine Company, PLC (Jordan) - 2004
Lead Manager: Arab Bank - USD 500 million Syndicated Loan - 2007
Lead Manager: Turkland Bank - USD 66 million and EUR 35 million – Club Term Loan Facility - 2008
You may reach us on 961 1 960505
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