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Enjoy extra convenience of receiving and keeping your BOB statements, and contributing to save the eco system.


Get your statement delivered to your email:

  • Your credit card/banking statement can be accessed thru BOB Online, until 7 months back! No more hassles to archive papers!
  • You will receive your e-Statements the moment they are ready in our system. No more delays or missing statement resulting from conventional mail!

How to enroll?

  • Contact your branch and ask to enroll for e-statement service
  • Call 1262 and place a request to enroll


What is an e-statement?

  • Same as paper statement but in electronic protected form
  • Convenient viewing and archive with 24/7 access via BoB Online
  • Backward access for 7 months statement
  • Faster, sent right to your inbox and notified by email

Who is eligible for an e-statement?

All clients having online and/or mobile banking are eligible to enroll for e-statement

Do I need to pay for this service?
This service is free of charge

What will happen for the paper statement I am receiving?

Once enrolled you will not receive any paper statement

How do I know that my statements are ready for viewing and/or archiving?

You will receive an email notification for each of your accounts whenever your e-Statements are ready for viewing, the notification will be sent to your personal email which will be given to us in due time and verified by your good self. After receiving the notification, simply you have to log into your online banking and download the e-statement on your PC or any mobile device

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