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Mission, Vision & Values
Mission, Vision & Values


Bank of Beirut’s Mission is to be a universal financial institution endeavouring to serve a wide-range of customers by offering them a full array of first-class and personalized banking services and products. 

Domestically, the Bank’s intention is to continue to increase its market share by enlarging its delivery network channels in providing customers with all types of innovative services and products. 

In foreign markets, the Bank aims to further strengthen the building of its commercial and correspondent banking activities with emphasis on the MENA region and on the Lebanese Diaspora by placing our international subsidiaries and branches at their disposal. 


Our vision is to create a better future for each and every individual and corporation in Lebanon and beyond…


Integrity and trust are our guiding values


Shareholders’ fulfillment
we provide our shareholders with an adequate return on their investment while minimizing risks. 

Customer satisfaction
we continuously strive to build long-lasting relationships by satisfying the evolving needs of our customers.

Employee satisfaction
we offer our most valuable asset, our second-to-none,dedicated staff, a congenial work environment and development opportunities. 

Integrity and trust
we conduct our stakeholders’ transactions in the strictest confidence and with the highest ethical standards.

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