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Working at Bank of Beirut
Working at Bank of Beirut
Bank of Beirut puts great emphasis on hiring talented, qualified, and hardworking people to create a professional workforce that can ensure customer satisfaction and escort the Bank’s growth. The average number of staff at Bank of Beirut Group is at 1459 employees, working daily to serve a broad customer base. That number will continue to spiral as Bank of Beirut continues to invest time and effort into motivating and retaining its employees in order for them to optimize their contribution to the Bank’s success.

Once candidates join Bank of Beirut’s growing family, they are taken through a special program to build motivation, enhance one to one relationships, and encourage effective teamwork. They are also able to enjoy continuous professional development through training activities to help them achieve personal and professional growth. In addition to trainings, employees are offered promising career paths through the opportunity of obtaining professional certifications at reputed universities and institutions in Lebanon.

Hiring and Retaining Talented Staff

Bank of Beirut’s strategic expansion opened the door for ambitious, hardworking and motivated young talents to join its local, regional and international entities and to embrace new career opportunities. The HR Department took on the challenge to fill the specialized positions emerging from the Bank’s growth by optimizing its recruitment system in order to hire the right person for the job and to ensure smooth integration of all work flow.

On a parallel note, the HR Department invests time and effort in motivating and retaining the Bank’s employees and succeeded in setting the basis of a talented and professional workforce capable of escorting the Bank’s growth. Also, strongly believing that promoting from within is good business practice and has been shown to be a powerful employee motivator, the HR Department continuously offers rewarding opportunities for staff members to further their careers and fulfill their needs for increased status.
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